Responsible Travel Policy


Travel Ethiopia has a team of experienced and dedicated staff. The guides are highly qualified and multi-lingual, while the coordinators have extensive knowledge of the country. Travel Ethiopia also has a modern fleet for remote regions and up-to-date camping gears, which adds to its smooth tour operation. This allows Travel Ethiopia to provide its visitors with a wonderful trip at a competitive rate. Travel Ethiopia is the first company to hire female guides and one of its aim is to empower women and work closely with communist. The company fulfil its Social corporate responsibilities and accordingly it work closely with Meseret Humanitarian Organization , Hope for Women & Children, Wise ( Women in Self-Empowerment) and Travel Ethiopia sponsored two young male and one female form the remote area of Turmi on their college education, where now they are serving their community


Travel Ethiopia is committed to the preservation of the environment. Starting from an office based initiative, Travel Ethiopia has significantly reduced the use of printed brochures to advertise its destinations and services. We have now increasingly moved towards digital brochures and hope to solely rely on digital brochures in the very near future. The cars we use for excursions also illustrate our commitment to lower the emission of pollutants. We constantly upgrade and purchase new model cars with low carbon emissions. Additionally, prior to excursions, we inform our clients to limit the use of plastic water bottles due to the strain they cause on the local environment. To facilitate this, we purchase large water containers and inform our clients to bring durable non-plastic bottles that are easily reusable. This method of conservation has been well received by many of our clients. Travel Ethiopia is also well known throughout Ethiopia for its tree planting initiative. So far, Travel Ethiopia has planted more than 300,000 trees in various local communities affected by deforestation and erosion. Clients of Travel Ethiopia are often invited to volunteer their time and join the tree planting activities. Through its website and consultations, Travel Ethiopia provides other suggestions to minimize damage to the environment, wildlife and marine ecosystems. We also encourage our clients to pick eco-lodges and hotels. This is evident in our close partnership with Aregash Lodge, which is renowned for its environmentally friendly initiatives.


Travel Ethiopia provides extensive pre-trip information for its clients regarding the social and political situation in Ethiopia as well as specific destinations throughout the country. This is evident in Travel Ethiopia’s website where there is a section dedicated for such purpose. Some information included in the website includes cultural customs, government, food, security, unique ceremonies, economy and overall political situation. In addition to this, all Travel Ethiopia’s consultants provide further written as well as oral briefing to clients before departure. Through our website and consultations, we highly encourage our visitors to respect the cultures and customs of the local communities. For example, we highlight that trip members should respect the privacy of individuals, particularly when taking photographs. We also communicate to our clients to not make any promises to members of the local community unless they fully intend to fulfill their obligation. In regards to bargaining, Travel Ethiopia suggests clients to not bargain unless there is a genuine interest to buy. Travel Ethiopia also hope to enhance the travellers experience by informing and providing excursion to local markets that have beneficial effect to the local community. For instance, Travel Ethiopia encourages its clients to visit and purchase craft and souvenir from producers in a village called Awra Amaba, in the norther part of Ethiopia. This village is considered as prime model for self-help and gender equality in Africa. Through such excursion, Travel Ethiopia hopes to encourage such initiatives and help local communities.

About us

Welcome to Ethiopia- an ancient wonderland with rich cultural traditions, architectural remains, natural beauty and enormously hospitable people. Ethiopia has a history of over 3,000 years, which has been preserved in a remarkable manner. Only in Ethiopia will you find yourself dramatically transported back in time through the participation in sacred rituals of an archaic faith.

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