Wisdom Exchange TV - Samrawit Moges Interview

http://www.WisdomExchangeTV.com host Suzanne F Stevens takes us to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to introduce Samrawit Moges Beyene, a pioneer in the travel indusrty. Join us as Samrawit shares her Conscious Contribution™, Leadership Lessons, Philosophies and Expertise.

Samrawit Moges Beyene, Founder & Managing Director of Travel Ethiopia Words of Wisdom: "Taking a job is not about money, but it is about the knowledge you acquire."

Travel Ethiopia started in 1994, and has 35 permanent employees. This is the first company in Ethiopia that has permanent female guides. Samrawit is involved in diverse business. She is involved in eco-tourism and is the founder of Village Ethiopia in 1998, creating employment opportunity for local Afars . She has a total of 37 employees at Village Ethiopia.

Samrawit is involved in Flora and Horticulture. Freesia Ethiopia, Freesia flower growing, with a total of 100 employees, 80% being females. She also has the Chancho Flower Plc, growing flowers and vegetables and creating employment opportunities for 44 employees, out theses only 7 are males.

Her other company is Florensses Ethiopia, operational since 2004; it has 450 permanent employees, where 75 % are women. Samrawit is one of the founders member of WEG group (Women Entrepreneur Group) established February 2011. She is also an active member of Ethiopian Women in Business (EWiB), which was established mainly for networking to improve the status of Women.

Samrawit is an active member of Rotary Club since 1991 being the first female president in Ethiopia. In October 2011 Samrawit Moges Beyene received a TIAW – World of Difference Award in Washington DC

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